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About Incursion


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Featuring ODESZA, Feist, Hozier, Slow Magic, Seven Lions, John Brown's Body, MitiS, Florence + The Machine, Zero 7, and many more!


Review by Whispering Stories

 "One of the best books I’ve read in a while!"


Review by The British Fantasy Society

"The story is about love and Lauren L. Garcia has selected a range of characters to demonstrate love from various perspectives and the challenges and excitements that they bring. Kali and Stonewall’s relationship grows and they learn are the star-crossed lovers that find their way into each other’s arms by the end of the story. I thought it was done well without being gratuitous; a slow burn that becomes all-consuming."

F-BOM promo

I'm honored beyond measure to have Incursion selected as the Feminist Book of the Month for Spring of 2019! More info here.