I'll make your story shine!

I've been writing fiction for about 25 years and I've learned A LOT about story crafting and all levels of editing. 

One of my greatest passions is helping other authors craft the stories in their hearts. I'd love to help you, too! 😊

See below for more info, or drop me a line at 



author consultation - $20/hour

Ever have an awesome idea for a story that you just can't get off the ground? I can help you wrangle those ideas and get your work going! I offer assistance with overall story creation, from planning to outlining to opening the piece with a punch. I'm more reliable than 99.9% of the folks you meet online, and I have a LOT of experience that will work for you.

We can chat via email (duh), phone, Skype, and Discord. 

author consultation - $20/hour (first 30 minutes FREE for new customers!)


manuscript evaluation - $0.002/word ($2/1000 words)

Have a finished manuscript, (or even a few chapters), but want a second pair of unbiased eyes to look it over? I'm your gal. I've been evaluating manuscripts of all kinds for over a decade; I'm reliable, fast, and thorough, and would LOVE to help you make your story the best it can be! 

After reading your work, I'll provide the following: 

  • editorial evaluation - how much (and what kind of) work do I think it'll take to make your story the best it can be
  • questions I had after reading, both as an author and as a reader. (Both are super handy!)
  • positive feedback - what I loved and what worked well for me
  • constructive feedback - what I think can be done more effectively.
  • Of course, I'll answer any questions you may have. However, more detailed responses may warrant a charge for editorial services. (See below.)

manuscript evaluation - $2.00 per 1,000 words or $0.0020 per word


editorial services - price varies

This is where the real magic happens, folks. This is where I take your working draft and help you make it AWESOME. 😍

I offer the full range of editorial services, detailed below the price list.

  • proofreading - 0.01/word (or  $10 per 1000 words)
  • copy editing - 0.017/word (or $17 for 1000 words)
  • developmental editing - 0.025/word (or $25 per 1000 words)


developmental editing - 0.025/word

I'll be honest, this is my favorite part, which is why I listed it first. I love to get into a story and figure out what makes it tick - and how to make it shine!

This level of editing is the most comprehensive, and includes all other types of editorial services I offer (proofreading, copy editing, and line editing.) You'll get deep, thoughtful feedback on all aspects of your work, including but not limited to: story structure, character development, thematic elements, and prose readability. I'll make notes in your document(s) as well as in a LONG and very detailed email that will lay all my feedback out like a buffet of authorial goodness. 

This is worth every penny. 😁 

I've been writing fiction for almost a quarter-century, and have been providing this level of feedback for almost half that time. I've got a Bachelor's in English Literature from Florida State University, a school known for producing excellent writers. I'll work my ass off for you - that's my guarantee. 

additional info

This level of editing also includes one (1) hour of FREE consultation, either by phone, Skype, or Discord. 

Drop me a line at and we'll get the party started! 😊

copy editing - 0.017/word (or $17 per 1000 words)

This is also called line editing , mechanical editing, or "super nitpicky" editing. Copy editors smooth out the rough edges of your story, which can include things like:

  • ensuring tense agreement (past or present, just be consistent!)
  • checking for POV shifts - who's talking?!
  • spelling
  • grammar
  • continuity

Copy editors are the unsung heroes of any written word, because without us, the reader would be too distracted by spelling mistakes or continuity issues to enjoy the story. A good copy editor has an eye for detail and the patience of an oak tree. I've got both aplenty. 

This level of editing usually comes after developmental, and should only be performed on a completed manuscript.


proofreading - 0.01/word (or $10 per 1000 words)

This is the final step before formatting and publication, and is best performed on a "fresh" piece. This means that if I've helped develop your story and provided copy edits, you're probably better off finding someone else to perform this task.

However, if you're new here or you would like my eagle-eye no matter what, I'll go over your manuscript with a figurative fine-toothed comb to tease out any remaining typos, spelling errors or inconsistencies, or anything else that's confusing. My ultimate goal is to make your story the best it can be!

Fine Print

Prices and rates subject to change. I'm still figuring out this whole "self employed" gig. Please contact me with any questions or concerns:

Thank you for your business! 😊