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I've been a storyteller all my life. I started writing down my stories around the age of twelve;  two decades and over two million words later, I've shown no sign of stopping. In addition to living in various fantasy worlds of my own making, I earned a BA in English Literature and married my high school sweetheart. I currently reside in North Florida with my husband and pets, where I enjoy hiking, weightlifting, kayaking, and dancing at music festivals.

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Local TV spot

Catalyst Moon (and me) were on TV! 

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Interview with Peter Machen

This was a fun one. He asked some fantastic questions. :) 

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My Books, My World

Great interview with some lovely folks. :)

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I've always written fanfic and original works, though lately I have focused solely on Catalyst Moon. But if you're interested in my fanfic, here you go! 

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Here's my A03 account. There's more on FFN, but some of the [cough] NSFW stuff is only posted here.  Art by the lovely and talented Sophia Shae Ramos.

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Collections of character, location, and other awesome randomness.

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