The Catalyst Moon saga

Book One: Incursion

Book One: Incursion

Book One: Incursion


 Kali, a mage who longs to run from the painful memories of her deceased father, travels to Whitewater City to meet with a powerful healer. When her sentinel escort is decimated by monstrous bandits, she is left in the company of a single sentinel, Stonewall, a man with nothing left but his chosen name and his faith in the gods. Together, they must survive demonic creatures, bloodthirsty nomads, and a strange magic never seen before.

But trouble brews in Whitewater City. Sentinel Commander Talon struggles to keep the mages captive as Eris, a shape-changing mage, prepares for an escape of her own. Meanwhile, Milo, a new sentinel, must decide if the path he's chosen is the right one after tragedy strikes his squad.

Book Two: Breach

Book One: Incursion

Book One: Incursion


After Kali parted ways with Stonewall in Whitewater City, she didn't know if she would ever see him again. But when their paths cross once more and their mutual attraction blooms, they struggle with their respective roles.

Meanwhile, fear consumes the land of Aredia as the body-snatching thralls multiply, destroying everyone in their path. Desperate for aid, Aredia calls upon the sentinels to fight this growing threat. But the mages take advantage of the sentinels' distraction to escape from their hematite prison; an act that will shatter the balance of the world.

Kali and Stonewall must join forces to confront these impending disasters, but can a mage and sentinel ever be true allies?

Book Three: Storm

Book One: Incursion

Book Three: Storm



The mage Kali has uncovered the secret of the thralls: the unseen foes possessing the Aredian people. But Kali must pay a high price for this discovery – her own humanity. Her sentinel lover, Stonewall, is desperate to flee Whitewater City with Kali, but his commanding officer has other plans for him. Meanwhile, a grieving Eris plans to free the final few mages trapped in the Whitewater City bastion, but first she must gather her allies and fortify her spirit to face the coming storm.

Book Four: Surrender



Nothing worth having comes easily.

Kali, Stonewall, and their allies have finallyescaped Whitewater City. After curing herself of thrall possession, Kali is determined to save as many thralls as she can, so she enlists the aid of her sentinel and mage friends. But although Stonewall and his squad have left the sentinel order behind, they cannot escape hematite’s hold. And while Kali is no longer a mindless thrall, she cannot shake her hunger for the stolen power she has come to rely on.

Meanwhile, Eris is set on revenge for those she has lost – and those she must protect. She enacts a plan to destroy the sentinels, for good. But how far is too far in the fight for justice?

The harder our heroes fight their personal battles, the more they are torn apart. What happens when the price of freedom is everything you love?

The Music of Catalyst Moon



Some of you might know that I'm a huge audiophile. Not only do I live for live music events like Hulaween (see picture to the left), music is my muse, my constant source of inspiration, so naturally everything I write has a soundtrack in my mind - and in (virtual) reality!

Here are the Spotify playlists for each Catalyst Moon book, even the ones you haven't read yet.

 I tend to curate these as I'm writing, so some songs may change, but this is pretty much a peek inside my brain.

What about you? What sort of music moves you? Inspires you? Brings you joy? Music is one of the best things in the world, and though I can't create it (I've tried, and failed), I can't go one day without putting on a beloved song or artist*.

Thanks for reading/listening!

Stay awesome,


*ODESZA. Always and forever, ODESZA.